Delivered in 2004, the Albatun Dos is a freezer tuna for purse seine fishing and prepared for fishing in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian fishing grounds. It is classified by Bureau Veritas with Class 1 notation + Hull + Match, Fishing Vessel, Unrestricted navigation, Ref-Cargo-Quick Freeze. For the reception and freezing of the fishing has 26 tanks, equipped with coils. The refrigeration plant is composed of five compressors of 125 hp that allow to reach temperatures of -25ºC in the tanks. It has two launching bows and aft ramp for stowage and panga handling.


  • Total length 115,00 m.
  • Length between p.s. 100.60 m
  • Trace Beam 16,60 m
  • Trace plate 7.50 m.
  • Maximum draft 6.96 m. (Summer draft / winter draft)
  • Dead weight 3630 tpm.

  • Horsepower 5580 KW
  • Type of conventional propulsion
  • Test speed 18 knots

  • Crew 31 people

  • Gross tonnage Total 3200,8 GT

  • Capacity of gas oil tanks 775,00 m3
  • Capacity of fresh water tanks 75,00 m3
  • Capacity of hydraulic oil tanks 12,00 m3
  • Capacity of lubricating oil tanks 45,00 m3
  • Ballast water tanks capacity 138,00 m3
  • Capacity wineries / cargo tanks 3250 m3
  • Daily freezing capacity 140 ton
  • 1 Main motor of 5,850 kW of power at 500 rpm driving to a line of shafts with variable pitch propeller, through a reducer
  • Reducer with output for PTO to which an alternator of 1,500 kVA is coupled to 1.000 r.p.m
  • 4 Generating sets of a power 1,251 BHP at 1,000 rpm, driving on 1,150 kVA alternators. One of the groups incorporates 6 hydraulic pumps for the operation of the fishing equipment and another one located to the bow of the ship drives by means of a reductor the propeller of transverse of bow.
  • It has an emergency generator of a power of 307 BHP at 1,500 r.p.m. Driving on a 250 kVA alternator.
  • A semi-suspended rudder, driven by a hydraulic piston servo
  • Two transverse thrust propellers, the stern with variable pitch and driven by an electric motor of 589 kW and the bow with fixed pitch and mechanically driven by means of a diesel engine
  • For loading and unloading maneuvers, the ship has four autonomous electrohydraulic cranes of 4,000 kg to 10 m, two loading pens, an electrically driven conveyor belt and a system of hoppers and gutters for the handling of fish.
  • For the cooling of the brine is disposed in the tanks of a system of coils through which it circulates by means of electro-pumps ammonia.

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