ASTELEIROS TRIÑANES DOMINGUEZ, S.L. is located in Ladera Chazo, in the council of Boiro and started its activity in 1978. From its beginnings in Agañán (Boiro), they are dedicated to the construction of different types of vessels (fishing boats, aquaculture auxiliaries, barges, "dornas", leisure boats, etc.), of which they have built more than 150 units, most of them of more than 10 T.R.B.

Its work is based on the application of new wood shipbuilding techniques and the use of the latest technologies, concerned with offering shipowners a modern type of vessel that responds effectively to the challenges of continuous quality improvement by using laminated wood in its constructions and epoxies as effective glues and preservatives, which effectively responds to the modernization requirements proposed by the various European directives on safety and optimization of fishing and aquaculture fleets.

It should be noted that the use of new technologies in wood does not imply the abandonment of the artisan character of the profession, but adds the advantages of the so-called responsible consumption: Use of natural and native raw material. Low energetic cost to produce. Low environmental risk. All this responds to a philosophy in the search for the respect and care of the sea that the owners of these boats know well.

  • Construction of fishing vessels
  • Construction of aquaculture auxiliary vessels
  • Traditional boat building (recovery of maritime heritage)
  • Construction of leisure boats
  • Repair and maintenance of all types of boats (osmosis prevention treatment on polyester boats)
  • Project and prototype design of fishing and aquaculture vessels.
  • With the system of work called turnkey, we offer to our customers all the services of assembly of the vessels and administrative procedures: permits and administrative licenses, contributions of casualties, management of subsidies for the construction and modernization of vessels.





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