Built by Navantia, the Spanish public shipyard

The LHD "Juan Carlos I" enables the Navy and the Army, according to their own elements and forms of action. It can also serve as an eventual platform for embedded aviation.

This multi-purpose vessel is capable of adopting at least four different basic configurations:
  • Vector projection of Marine Corps Forces.
  • Vector projection of Army Forces.
  • Possible platform for embedded aviation.
  • Non-war operations and humanitarian missions


    The LHD has a dike of 69.3 m in length and 16.8 m of sleeve with landing capacity type LCM 1E and four Supercat

    The vessel may have additional Supercat units in the dike (on LCM 1E) and / or in the vehicle garage and / or vehicle loading capacity.

    The design of the dyke allows to accommodate boats used by other countries, including landing units like LCM, amphibious vehicles and vehicles on air mattress.


    On the flight deck aft of bow and bow, of 202.3 meters in length and 32 of sleeve, can operate airplanes and helicopters like AV-8B Bravo Plus, JSF, V-22 Osprey (a point of take aft of The island), NH-90, CH-47 and AB 212.

    The NH-90 and SH-3D are used as design helicopters for the spots on the flight deck so that six can perform simultaneous take-off and take-off operations.

    The deck has enough space for four CH-47 Chinook helicopters to take take-off and take-off operations at the same time.

    On the flight deck there is a runway and a SKI-JUMP to port with a slope at the exit of 12 °, which allows the take-off and take-off of VSTOL aircraft type AV-8B and JSF.

    The vessel is capable of supporting day and night flight operations and with instrumental flight

    The "Juan Carlos I" will be able to operate as an eventual aircraft carrier to replace the "Prince of Asturias" in situations such as the Scheduled Immobility Period (PIP) of the Spanish Navy's aircraft carrier. The "Juan Carlos I" exceeds in size the "Prince of Asturias"; Thus, compared to 230.82 meters in length and 27,563 tons of full-load displacement of the LHD, the aircraft carrier is 195.9 meters and 17,190 tons.

    • Diesel fuel 2150 tt
    • JP-5 800 t
    • Lubricating oil 40 t
    • Fresh water 480 t
    • Technical water 17 t
    • Ballast water 9140 t

    • Gambuts and grocery stores 260t
    • Fighting Rations 60t
    • General warehouses 80t
    • Supplies and spare parts 105t

    Material carrying capacity ensures the sustaining of ground operations for 30 days of the projected force

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