Astilleros y Varaderos Lago Abeijón, S.L. was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, to dedicate itself in a unique way to the construction of wooden hull boats. In 1910 it passed to the property of Mr. Domingo González Oca, National Naval Builder, with the title number 221. After the opportune proceedings, on 26-10-49, the General Inspection of Vessels and Shipbuilding, of the Merchant Navy, qualifies it to build wooden hulled ships. On 03-12-69, the General Directorate of Iron, Steel and Naval Industries authorized the change of ownership of this industry in the name of Mr. Domingo Lago Martínez, current manager, who was qualified to build ships with steel, wood and polyester hulls. On April 13, 1976, the Provincial Delegation of La Coruña of the Ministry of Industry authorized the start-up and definitive registration in the Industrial Register of the extension of activities with the registration number 15/07179. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • New construction of all types of vessels and marine structures (fishing vessels, multipurpose tugboats, workboats, etc.)
dry-docking service
    dry-docking services for all types of vessels up to 100 m length, 14 m beam, 5.80 m maximum draft or 1,500 tons maximum weight
    Electricity, water and air supply.
    Crane service.
    Waste management service.

Surface maintenance
    Complete painting services for all surfaces of the vessel, external and internal.
    Application of anticorrosives ship deck pastes.
    Application of all types of paints.
    Washing of the vessel with pressurized water.
    Degassing, cleaning and sandblasting of tanks.
    Hull, deck and interior sandblasting.

Tail shafts, rudder, propellers, nozzles
    Maintenance, repair and construction of tail shafts, rudder, propellers, nozzles.
    Construction of articulated rudders.

Superstructures, hull and boiler works in general
    Construction and repair of all types of superstructures (locks, masts, upper works, control bridges, etc.).
    Construction and repair of bulkheads, refurbishment of facilities, repair and remodeling of fishing parks, construction of swamps.
    Construction and repair of hatches.
    Sheet metal repair and replacement.
    Construction and repair of bulbs, keels, nacelles.
    Vessel lengthening.
    Assembly of all types of machinery, (machineries, pullers, cranes, etc).

Engine room
    Maintenance work on bottom valves, sludge boxes, discharges, etc.
    Repair, construction and assembly of pipelines.
    Tall types of engine room works, repair and replacement of machinery, engine room redistributions, complete assembly of engine rooms, etc.

Interior carpentry
    Construction and repair of accommodation (cabins, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.).
    Construction and repair of control bridges.
    Refrigerators´ lining, fishing parks, storage romm, etc..
    Polyurethane foam application.
    Polyester application.
    Lining of bulkheads.
    Construction and repair of refrigerators.
    Aluminum carpentry.







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