montajes cancelas
MONTAJES CANCELAS was founded in 1975 on the essential business pillars of quality and the shipbuilder’s capacity to provide client-tailored solutions.

Over 30 years experience behind the path of this shipyard in the Ria de Vigo, which has known how to combine professionalism and knowledge of the craft with the application of new technologies and the industrial vanguard put into the service of shipbuilding.

Additionally, MONTAJES CANCELAS has gained prominence for its activities in the field of repair and in the construction and transporting of large structures, which the company manufactures and ships overseas to any port in the world. In order to undertake these services, this shipbuilder applies the same quality criteria used in its manufacturing activity.

Currently, the company’s shipyard employs approximately one hundred workers who hold certifications secured from internationally renowned entities such as Lloyds Register, Det Norsket Veritas and Bureau Veritas.

Work carried out by our qualified staff is undertaken together with the management team, quality assurance and technicians. This joint activity guarantees the quality and technology furnished by the company, which is distinguished by the adaptation to the new challenges facing the shipbuilding sector.

Since its inception, Montajes Cancelas provides all sorts of solutions for both national and international markets in maritime and industrial sectors. To do so, the company has highly experienced technical personnel for each of the production stages: technical office, construction, assembly, repair, maintenance and quality assurance. All products and services are adapted to the needs and requirements of each client, who is kept informed of their progress at all times.

Our wide range of services most notably includes:

  • Ship construction
  • Repair and/or transformation of ships
  • Block construction

MONTAJES CANCELAS has excellent facilities with its own dock, docks and slipways, strategically located in the heart of the Vigo´s estuary in the Industrial Park of A Borna (Moaña), which allow and facilitate transport to anywhere in the world, shortening deadlines and costs.

With 4808 m2 of surface area distributed in offices, workshop, warehouses, yards, slipway and docks, it´s possible to build and repair vessels and parts of all sizes and complexities, from the design phase by our technical office with professionals trained and specialised in the sector, the construction and integration of systems on board, to the repair and maintenance in the years following their commissioning, and throughout their useful life.

  • QUALITY (ISO 9001)






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