The only specific business association of the Shipbuilding & Shiprepair sector in Galicia

Established in 1999, the Galician Naval Cluster Association (ACLUNAGA) was the second group of companies created in the Spanish Shipbuilding & Repair sector under the Cluster concept. Since then it has been working on a greater diversification towards new sectors with a high technological content, at the same time that the Cluster has been consolidated as the first and main meeting point for the whole business and social network involved in the shipbuilding industry.

Since its inception and driven by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Innovation, ACLUNAGA's objectives have focused on technological improvement and research, production sophistication and efficiency improvements, as well as new methods of production and quality design, training and organization.

The grouping of companies whose interests converge in the production of high quality products has played a very important role in particularly delicate situations and in the last economic crisis. Business cooperation, together with the involvement of other agents that have an impact on the sector (administration, university, trade unions, sector associations), is proving to be a major strategic factor in tackling the challenges that arise.

Nowadays, the trajectory and experience accumulated by the Cluster guarantee it not only as the only specific grouping of the Galician Shipbuilding & Repair sector, but also as the main meeting point of all the business network (also social) that participates in the production, in the value generation and in the necessary services to attend the needs generated around the Shipbuilding construction.


  • UNIQUE IN THE SECTOR- It was one of the first two clusters in Spain linked to shipbuilding. Nowadays it is the only specific business grouping of this activity in Galicia.
  • REPRESENTATIVITY AND COVERAGE - The long tradition of the naval sector maintains nowadays its strength mainly in Ferrol and Vigo and their respective influence areas (although not the only ones), where it has a wide presence and representation.
  • CLUSTER - All business activities involved in shipbuilding projects are widely represented within ACLUNAGA

Currently, the cluster includes companies whose products and services cover all segments of the shipbuilding value chain (from shipyards and engineering companies to classification and certification societies, capital goods and supply companies, fitting out companies, installers and metal companies). In this way the first objective of ACLUNAGA, consisting of becoming the institution that most faithfully reflects and represents the Galician naval sector, is achieved. And consolidated.


The cluster currently has 130 partners, and covers almost the entire value chain of the sector
Galician naval sector value chain integrated in ACLUNAGA

  • 12 Shipyards
  • 101 ancillary industry companies
  • 7 support institutions (public administration and professional associations)
  • 4 R+D+i organizations and educational environment
  • 6 support service entities

The geographical scope of the Association is mainly concentrated in the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña.

  • 51% Pontevedra
  • 42% A Coruña
  • 2% Lugo
  • 1% Ourense
  • 4% Ohter


  • Establish a system of cooperation on all associates to unite criteria and use the same production procedures. It is also committed to collaborating with the administrations to achieve optimum business development.
  • Increase the level of production quality of the associates and achieve the standarisation of the products made by the associates, by obtaining the corresponding ISO certificates.
  • To promote the development of industrial activity and reduction in costs, joining wills and efforts to increase the role of the auxiliary industry
  • Establishment with all the associates of a regime and norms of security and prevention of labor risks, as well as of environmental protection, for the rigorous legal compliance applicable law.
  • Disseminate the business and professional activities developed by the associates. To achieve, at the same time, the complicity with the media, in order to achieve their cooperation, for the diffusion of these activities and, especially, of the aims of the group.
  • Make the most dissemination of innovations, studies and activities carried out by the Association.
  • To promote, coordinate and develop courses, workshops, seminars and educational programs aimed at vocational training and business skills of the activity carried out by naval auxiliary companies.
  • To encourage the relations with national and foreign entities for the same purpose.


  • Founding partner of the Spanish Maritime Cluster.
  • Patron of the Foundation Centro Tecnolóxico do Naval de Galicia (CETNAGA).
  • Member, together with the Basque Maritime Forum, of the Spanish Association of the Ancillary Industry, AEDIMAR.
  • Presidency of the Social Dialogue Committee at the European Commission-Sea Europe.
  • Member of the Committee of Directors of SEA Europe.
  • Registered in the Register of Excellent Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.
  • Promoter of the Galician Naval Construction Technology Platform.
  • Promoter of the Prevention Forum at the Naval.
  • Collaborating member of the Campus do Mar of the University of Vigo.
  • Member of the Galician Renewable Energy Forum.


  • Gold Medal of the Port of Vigo: year 2008.
  • Miguel Pardo Award for Quality in Training in the Naval Auxiliary Industry (Spanish Maritime Cluster): 2009.


  • Resurgam (Robotic Survey, Repair and Agile Manufacture. Resurgam will introduce high productivity Friction Stir Welding of steel to European shipyards)
  • IN 4.0. (adaptation of the Industry 4.0 model to the Galician Shipbuilding Sector.)
  • Manufactur 4.0 (development and implementation of intelligent and innovative technologies in the naval and metal-mechanic sectors)
  • Consortex Project (formation of export consortia in European internationalization)
  • Shipbuilding 4.0, towards the robotic industry, 2015
  • Joint measurement of Confined Spaces in Navantia for the Ancillary Industry, 2010
  • Naval Sector Technology Platform, 2010
  • Project Refresh of the Seventh Framework Programme, 2010.
  • Training Plan for the Galician Naval Sector, 2009, 2004, 2001
  • Project AuxNavalia  of improving the competitiveness of the TSI, co-financed by the Atlantic Area, 2009
  • Promoter of the Technological Center of the Galician Shipbuilding sector, CETNAGA, 2008
  • Shipyard Access Control Project, 2008.
  • Project Invirnaga, universal naval tool design, 2003

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