11 October, 2019
11 October, 2019


NEWBUILDING AND RETROFIT SERVICESEngineering, technical consulting and inspectionsEngineering 
ACCOMMODATIONTurnkey accommodation  
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsThermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation 
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsBulkheads, platings, deckheads, joins, etc. 
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsFurnishings 
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsBase flooring, floors, fitted carpets, etc. 
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsCompartment doors 
ACCOMMODATIONGeneral accommodation elementsHotel elements (mattresses, bedding, etc.) 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesModular fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesFurnishings, elements and plumbing 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesMain appliances 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesBoarding elements (mess and galley and canteen items, small appliances, table linens, etc.) 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesPantry modular fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesRefrigeration installation for cooled and freezer pantries 
ACCOMMODATIONGalley and pantriesCold room doors, fittings, hinges, seals, etc. 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomModular fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomFurnishings, plumbing and toilet items 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomMiscellaneous 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomLaundry room fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomLaundry appliances 
ACCOMMODATIONToilets and laundry roomOther items 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesSauna, modular fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesSauna items and equipment 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesModular gym fitting turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesGymnasium elements and equipment 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesElements and equipment for screening rooms, TV, etc. 
ACCOMMODATIONLeisure spacesOther items 
ACCOMMODATIONAir conditioning and ventilationSystem turnkey 
ACCOMMODATIONAir conditioning and ventilationAir Conditioning equipment 
ACCOMMODATIONAir conditioning and ventilationAir conditioning and ventilation conduits, grids and other elements 
ACCOMMODATIONAir conditioning and ventilationFans and extractors 
ACCOMMODATIONHospital and sick bayFurnishings and equipment SUPPLY OF FURNITURE ONLY
ACCOMMODATIONHospital and sick bayFirst - Aid kit 
ACCOMMODATIONFitting of wheel houseFitting and elements 
ACCOMMODATIONFitting of wheel houseMain control panel 
ACCOMMODATIONFitting of wheel houseWheel house furnishings and decorative items 
ACCOMMODATIONFitting of wheel houseDoors and auxiliary elements (wipers, clearview screens, solar protections, etc.) 

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