Vessel built by Freire Shipyard

The RRS Discovery is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art scientific equipment, various lifting and container handling mechanisms etc; It has extensive work decks prepared to house modular laboratories and detachable machines

It has the capacity to accommodate 28 scientists in individual cabins. The vessel has been designed for cruises around the world with a range of 45 days.

During its design, special emphasis has been placed on respect for the environment in the development of each of its functions.

It has all kinds of laboratories. Among the variety of scientific work that can develop, it is possible to emphasize the possibility of conducting studies in the field of seismography, geological sampling, oceanographic physics, chemistry and the manipulation of large outboard structures.


  • Overall length 99,70 m.
  • Length between pp 88,80 m.
  • Trace Beam 18,00 m.
  • Track strut to ppal deck 7,40 m.
  • Trace line to top deck 10,20m.
  • Track length at cbta mezzanine 13,00 m.
  • Draft max. Approx. 6,50 m.
  • Dynamic DP positioning (AM)

CREW: 52 people: 24 crew+28 scientist

CLASSIFICATION: LR + 100 A1, Ice 1D + LMC, UMS,IWS, EP, DP (AM), “Research Vessel”

SPEED: 15 knots

  • Gas Oil/Diesel Oil 598m3
  • Fresh water 307 m3
  • Ballast water 1.185 m3


  • Generators 4 x 8L20 x 1.520 kW

  • MAIN PROPULSION: 2 Azimuthals propellers 2.200 kW


  • Tees White Gill 1.700 kW


  • 1.350 kW


  • Main laboratory 121 m2
  • Multi-purpose laboratory 53 m2
  • Main Hangar 85 m2
  • Covering laboratory65 m2
  • Chemical laboratory 15 m2
  • Environmental Laboratory 28 m2
  • Bioluminescence laboratory 8,8 m2
  • Salinity measurement room 13 m2

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