Ship built by the Navantia public shipyard

The F-100 frigate has been specially designed for:
  • Provide maximum capacity in anti-aircraft operations (AAW), both local defense and area defense
  • Operate as a flagship of a combat group in conflict zones
  • Protect the fleet and support escort operations using its surface warfare (ASuW) and submarine (ASW) capabilities
  • Earth support fire capacity.
  • The F-100 is the first frigate platform capable of incorporating the powerful AEGIS combat system and SPY-1D radar



    • Total Length: 146,7m
    • Maximum Sleeve: 18,6m
    • Strut: 9,8m
    • Full load displacement: 6.300t
    • Draft Design: 4,75m
    • Maximum Speed: +28 nudos
    • Cruising speed: 18 nudos
    • Autonomy at cruising speed: 4.500bn
    • Food Autonomy: 30days


    • Type: CODOG
    • Gas turbines: 2 x 17.500kW
    • Diesel Engines: 2x4.500kW
    • Two Axis Lines
    • Two controllable pitch propellers


    • Equipment: 200 people
    • Helicopter: 11 people
    • Staff: 16 personas
    • Margin: 7 personas


    • Combat System based on AEGIS.
    • Combat Management System (CDS) for integration of weapons and national sensors
    • Tactical Link Link-11 (Link-22) and Link-16
    • LAMPS AN / SRQ-4 tactical data link.


    • 3D Multifunction Radar SPY-1D
    • 2x optical disigners
    • Illuminators for missile guidance 2x Mk99
    • IFF
    • Surface Radar
    • Navigation Radar
    • ESM / ECM Radar and Communications
    • Helmet sonar
    • Trailed active sonar (ATAS) (weight and space reserve)
    • Bathymetrographer and processed SIMAS
    • Sonosound Processor SQQ-28 LAMPS III


    • 1 x Mk-45 5 "
    • 1 x Direction of radar shooting EO-DORNA
    • 2 x 20mm Cannons
    • 1 x Mk-41 vertical launcher (48 cells)
    • ESSM and MS2 anti-aircraft missiles
    • 2 x Quads launchers of anti-ship Harpoon missiles
    • 2 x Double throwers Mk-32 for torpedoes
    • 1 x Point Defense System (CIWS) (weight and space reserve)
    • 4 x Lure launchers SRBOC Mk-36
    • 1 x towed anti-torpedo lure NIXIE
    • 1x Sikorsky SH-60B LAMPS Mark III Helicopter (ASuW / ASW)

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